Boundaries of the nominated property and buffer zone

The boundary of component part 1 of the nominated property includes all structural, architectural, park and nature elements related to their nucleus, the Schwerin Castle built on an island, such as the Court gardens and functional buildings, Court Museum and Theatre, Churches, Military Complex and Stables, Grand Ducal Station, princely palaces, ministerial,  bourgeois villas and the station .  The boundary of component part 2 of the nominated property runs along the shore of Kaninchenwerder in the Lake Schwerin as second island important for the layout of the residence ensemble.

The boundary of the buffer zone includes both component parts and the interior Lake of Schwerin up to its shores. The boundaries of the buffer zone follow the natural ridges of the terminal moraine, which is surrounding the inner lake. The northern part of the boundary of the buffer zone runs along the lake up to the point where the Castle can still be seen from the western shoreline.

Map Nominated Property & Buffer Zone Schwerin Map Nominated Property

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